The oligarchs, multinational corporations, and special interest groups fund election campaigns at all government levels to buy the elected politicians in order to control the government and write laws to serve their interests to control the economy and the future of the nation. These individuals and organizations eroded the foundation of our economy and hijacked the political system.
Currently, the political system is too corrupted to be changed from within and participation in it gives it legitimacy. To recover our political power from the oligarchs, a grassroots movement has to change the system from without and impose the power of the people on the political establishment through a political revolution.

To restore our democracy and improve economic equality, we have to ban the oligarchs, corporations, and special interest groups from funding the elections or interfering in the political system. Lobbying, the root of political corruption should become illegal but making politicians aware of issues concerning the community should be addressed in public forums not behind closed doors with lobbyists.

You will be surprised to know that those who use their money to decide the election outcomes and corrupt the political system get their money back from the taxpayers in the form of tax deductions. Therefore, why don’t we fund the elections directly from the public purse to protect our political system from those vultures?

Funding the elections from the public purse will save us billions of dollars given away to the oligarchs and free us from the control of these organizations. The following is the principles of the platform of the community clubs.
If you agree with it, please join us to make a difference. Help us restore our democracy and prosperity. When membership in a club reaches one in five of the eligible voters in a constituency, the club will decide the outcome of the elections.

Each constituency will establish its own club and write their own platform listing issues of specific concern to their community. The platform will become the platform of the candidate the Community Club supports. To guarantee that their candidate win the elections, club members will commit to give their bloc vote to their selected candidate.

The Platform of the New Era Community Club

  1. The objective of the New Era Club (NECC) is to restore our democracy from the oligarchs and make the political system and the economy serve our communities.
  2. The NECC is non-partisan and supported by donations from the club members. It works for the common good of the local community and supports educational, cultural, and social activities to improve the community’s quality of life and to promote mutual understanding between various religious and racial groups within the community.
  3. NECC members will give their bloc vote to a candidate who supports underwriting a law to fund election campaigns from the public purse and ban corporations and special interest groups from interfering in the political process, and take the club’s platform as his/her mandate in the legislature.
  4. Activist groups that work for the common good are encouraged to plan nationally and act locally by inviting their members to join a local NECC. They can include their own objectives in the platform of their community club. This way, they will multiply support for their causes and gain national exposure.
  5. Special interest groups and corporations are not allowed to join the club or interfere in its decisions.
  6. Candidates for local, provincial/state, or federal elections will be evaluated and voted on within the NECC. In the general elections, the NECC will give their bloc vote to the successful candidate.
  7. A candidate for general elections will have to commit to the local NECC platform before he or she becomes eligible to be voted on within the NECC.
  8. Issues that concern a corporation or special interest groups will to be subjected to an NECC vote to decide what is best for the community.
  9. A committee from within the club should evaluate individuals who are interested in running in elections to ensure that the character, qualifications, experience, and skills of the candidate meet the requirements of the political position. A committee from the NECC will decide on the appropriate candidate before the club members’ voting.
  10. The NECC would give preference to an independent candidate if he or she is in tie with a partisan candidate.
  11. Elected officials would:
    1. Commit to serve no more than two terms in sequence
    2. Commit to the NECC platform and will consult with the community before voting in the legislature
    3. Hold a monthly town meeting to discuss the issues and his/her activities in the legislature
  12. If the performance of an elected official does not meet the expectations of the NECC, he or she could be recalled.
  13. By the end of his or her term, the performance of the elected official will be evaluated, and if unsatisfactory, he or she will not receive NECC votes in the next elections.
  14. The NECC members are committed to:
    1. Spreading the word about the NECC using social media and other means to promote it.
    2. Being focus on their community’s issues, and
    3. Initiating and participating in activities that foster mutual understanding, regardless of race, religion, color, or gender.

please join us