2014 October
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Time to accommodate the homeless and low-income people in Vancouver

Vision Vancouver leads in raising election campaign funds from developers and environmental “charities”, and has well-paid election strategists. Nevertheless, in their 2014 election campaign platform on housing, they missed an opportunity to solve the non-ending complaint about affordable housing and homelessness in Vancouver.
In the past six years, Vision Vancouver succeeded in turning downtown Vancouver into VanKong (named after Hong Kong). In 2014 campaign, Mayor Robertson and his Vision Councilors promised to proceed with their plan using downtown as a model for the remaining parts of the city. If Captain George Vancouver (after whom the city was named) came back, he would be very upset because of turning his “Green City” into ugly blocks of concrete and air polluted, congested streets.
Despite their limitations, Vision Mayor and Council members have been very amusing. As soon as they won the elections in 2008, they issued their historical decree to legalize building chicken coops in our backyards. They allowed us to enjoy the company of hens in our homes, but banned roosters from living in Vancouver. Although the violation of hens’ right to enjoy the company of their rooster was intolerable, animal rights and environmental groups stayed quiet and ignored the issue. Robertson and his Council have never retracted their action and after six years of deafening silence, it is time for us to speak out on behalf of these quiet hardworking, productive birds.
When Vision councilors opened the door for chicken to live among us, some Vancouverites were so exhilarated, some disappointed. Others thought how ridiculous it was. It took us six years to realize that Vision was foresighted. With the escalating numbers of homeless people and skyrocketing prices of housing, Vision can resolve the homelessness issue overnight by turning the existing inventory of chicken coops into housing for the homeless and solve homelessness in Vancouver for good. We can extend this program to low-income working people so that they can enjoy living in a nice neighborhood next door (I mean next backyard) to our favored, speculating foreign investors. At the same time, we put an end to the sufferings of working hens and allow them to move out of town to join their long-missed roosters.