2015 March
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Thinking App for mayors to solve TransLink problems
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I am developing a “Thinking app for mayors” which can be run on iPhone, iPad, and other android devices—No brains required. Among other things, the app evaluates the current TransLink plans and funding which are getting more complicated by the minute.
When I fed the solution the Mayors Council reached so far, the phone beeped loudly and the warning signs were flashing “Danger, Danger, Danger,….”
The app offered the following explanation:
By appointing Jim Pattison as a head of a committee to oversee spending of taxpayers’ money on Metro Vancouver transportation plan, TransLink becomes the first corporation in the world to have three redundant boards of directors:
1. The Mayors Council—in charge of planning the transportation plans and overseeing the operation board of directors;
2. The operational board of directors in charge of executing the plans; and
3. The Pattison Committee to oversee both the Mayors Council and the operation board of directors, to disapprove the expenditure plan, return it to the previous two boards, and ask them to make sense of it!
A major flaw in this arrangement is that Pattison will be given responsibilities but does not have the authority to fire both the Mayors Council and the Board of Directors when he finds out that they are wasting taxpayer’s money or double dipping—paying the Mayors Council more than $1 million per year in perks from TransLink.
The app offered the following solution to lower cost and avoid conflict of interests:
1. Fire the current board of directors and elect a Professional Board of Directors. No appointees.
2. Cancel the payment arrangement between TransLink and the mayors. If they want to be paid for doing their job concerning the transportation plan, they should charge their own municipalities.
The same solution should apply to TransLink’s sister company, Metro Vancouver (Vancouver Regional District).