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Canada – A Destination for Chinese Fugitives
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In the past two decades, Canada has become a haven for foreign white-collar criminals and International gangsters. Their numbers increased significantly due to the misguided immigration policy, which allowed wealthy foreigners to immigrate to Canada—no question asked about the source of their wealth in their homeland. The Harper government brought us 24 of these wealthy Chinese fugitives who are wanted on a variety of charges.  This policy attracted  fugitive billionaires who are trying to escape punishment in their own country. In Canada, the major source of these fugitives is China for two reasons:

  1. They are able to stay away from the long arm of the law in china since Canada does not have an extradition treaty with Beijing due to concerns about human rights abuses and excessive punishment in China
  2. They can continue their devious business activities and tax evasion, knowing that they can get away with crimes in Canada, and would get a slap on the wrest if caught.

Currently, they became a source of anxiety as they buy everything they can get their hands on in Vancouver and Toronto driving local young families out of the real estate market.

The flood of those corrupted Chinese into Canada started in the early nineties with the Chinese International gangsters moving their headquarters to Vancouver, and in the past decade, more of them immigrated here under the Harper’s failed immigration policy–giving away  “wealthy immigrants visas” to those who are interested without asking about the sources of their wealth. Those new immigrants and their families are a burden on our strained health care and education systems because they evade paying taxes, but take full advantages of our badly needed services. Research shows that in five years, a refugee who comes to Canada penniless would be paying more taxes than those billionaires. It is shameful that this subject has not been raised during the current elections because it is ruining the quality of lives for hardworking Canadians who cannot afford living in Vancouver or Toronto because of these crooks, bidding the prices of real estate up to unaffordable levels. If these people want to become Canadians, they should be forced to pay taxes as every Canadian does.

Currently, China launched Operation Sky Net, a massive crackdown on listed 100 financial fugitives who have fled China since the 1990s, reported in the New York Times.

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