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It includes members who live in the city of Richmond

Housing Crisis in Vancouver – Solutions and barriers

7:37 pm in Clubs, Politics, Vancouver by webmaster

By Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes, MBA, Ph.D., Author of The New Era: Returning the U.S. to Democracy & Prosperity The City of Vancouver is going through one of the most critical times in its history but our politicians are unaware to the danger of maintaining the status quo. It could create economic and social problems leading […]

TERRORISM: Could We Stop it?

11:45 am in Clubs, Politics, Vancouver by webmaster

There is an easy way to end terrorism at huge benefits for our country. We do not have to spend billions of dollars, or waste lives of our soldiers, our innocent country men and women, or those in the Muslim world. Let us start with the definition of Terrorism. It is defined as the use […]

Harper’s Discrimination Against Syrian Muslim Refugees

11:05 am in Clubs, Politics, Vancouver by webmaster

In their article titled, “Forget labels when we witness such dire human need,” Amira Elhawaby and Bernie Farber write, “The Canadian government has explicitly stated its intent to grant refuge to religious minorities fleeing Syria, contrary to international norms that assess refugees primarily on the basis of need.” This policy was adopted after Jason Kenny […]

Canada – A Destination for Chinese Fugitives

8:23 pm in Clubs, Politics, Vancouver by webmaster

In the past two decades, Canada has become a haven for foreign white-collar criminals and International gangsters. Their numbers increased significantly due to the misguided immigration policy, which allowed wealthy foreigners to immigrate to Canada—no question asked about the source of their wealth in their homeland. The Harper government brought us 24 of these wealthy […]

Wealthy Chinese Immigrants and Tax Evasion

2:38 pm in Clubs, Politics, Uncategorized, Vancouver by webmaster

The tax season is upon us and the federal election date is approaching. During this time, we are reminded how taxes and government policies affect our lives. A good example is the Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur Program by which Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) expedited immigration of thousands of wealthy Chinese investors. Nevertheless, the government […]

Thinking App for mayors to solve TransLink problems

8:38 pm in Clubs, Politics, Vancouver by webmaster

I am developing a “Thinking app for mayors” which can be run on iPhone, iPad, and other android devices—No brains required. Among other things, the app evaluates the current TransLink plans and funding which are getting more complicated by the minute. When I fed the solution the Mayors Council reached so far, the phone beeped […]

Why vote NO to a 0.5% sales tax increase (congestion tax)

10:07 pm in Clubs, Politics, Vancouver by webmaster

Something fishy is going on in the Lower Mainland. For the first time, politicians from all stripes including the B.C. Liberal Government, the NDP, the labor unions, boards of trade (chambers of commerce), environmentalists (David Suzuki Foundation), and the city councils are united, using scare tactics, to “convince” us to approve the increase of the […]

Time to accommodate the homeless and low-income people in Vancouver

6:10 pm in Vancouver by webmaster

Vision Vancouver leads in raising election campaign funds from developers and environmental “charities”, and has well-paid election strategists. Nevertheless, in their 2014 election campaign platform on housing, they missed an opportunity to solve the non-ending complaint about affordable housing and homelessness in Vancouver. In the past six years, Vision Vancouver succeeded in turning downtown Vancouver […]

Politics no longer attracts the best folks and that is a problem

8:33 pm in Vancouver by webmaster

If you are a manager in the provincial government, would you hire a university drop out who has no experience to be an engineer, accountant, lawyer, surveyor? of course not 🙂 But these are all the qualifications and experience our current premier, Christy Clark has. Gordon Clark wrote in the Province, Politics no longer attracts […]

Why Municipal Taxes keep rising. A look at Metro Vancouver Organizational Structure

5:28 pm in Vancouver by webmaster

As usual, Globe 2014 was well planned and executed. However, the session organized by metro Vancouver titled: “The National Zero Waste Council: Advancing a Waste Prevention and Reduction Agenda in Canada” was disappointing and made me reflect on the sponsor of that session, Metro Vancouver, which keeps expanding its services and generously reward municipal politicians […]